Standards & Processes

Supplier Standards & Processes

Accuride Corporation has high expectations of how our suppliers do business with us, as well as within the global community. We want the highest quality standards with a low total cost of ownership throughout the entire supply chain.

Global Supplier Quality Manual

As part of Accuride Corporation’s commitment to continual improvement, we expect our suppliers to review and demonstrate compliance to all aspects of our Global Supplier Quality Manual.

Global Supplier Quality Manual (PDF)

Supplier Portal Documentation

Accuride uses the ERP system Plex for its business interactions with suppliers. Each supplier has a profile in the system to aid in carrying out day-to-day business and any concerns that may arise.

PC Setup (PDF)  Explains how a non-IT user can set up his or her computer to successfully launch Plex Manufacturing Cloud

Online Releases (PDF) Explains how to search and ship against open purchase orders and releases for your organization

Supplier Concerns (8D/CAPA) (PDF) Explains how to view, manage, and respond to active supplier concerns from Accuride to your organization

Cost Recovery (COPE) PDF) Explains how to view, manage, and respond to active supplier cost recovery requests from Accuride to your organization

Supplier EDI Specifications

Suppliers who have Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities may support the following EDI document formats.

ASN 856 EDI Specifications (PDF) Explains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set (856) for shipments to Accuride facilities

Form P-100 Product/Process Change Notification

This form is to be used to notify Accuride of any changes to the product/process per Table 1.3 of AIAG PPAP 4th edition. Changes shall not be implemented until written approval is received. VERBAL REQUESTS/APPROVALS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Form P-100 Product Process Change Notification (DOC)

Form P-101 Supplier Deviation Request Form

This form is to be used to request, in writing, a deviation before shipping non-conforming material to an Accuride business. Complete this form and email to Buyer and/or Quality Engineer/Manager. Product cannot be shipped/received until a written response is provided from authorized representatives of the Accuride business unit. VERBAL REQUESTS/APPROVALS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Form P-101 Accuride Corporation Supplier Deviation Request (DOC)

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Any supplier must, upon request, agree to Accuride’s Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF) 

Terms and Conditions

Accuride Corp’s standard Terms and Conditions apply to all suppliers of materials, production parts, tooling, service parts, or other goods or services.

Accuride Terms and Conditions 2016 (PDF)

Should you have any questions regarding our Global Supplier Quality Manual or any supplier-related standards and processes, please contact your current Accuride Supply Chain representative or click here.