Long-Life Hub Bearing Systems

Wheel bearing adjustment is a critical factor in the life and safety of your fleet. A deviation in adjustment even the width of a human hair can mean the difference between a safe reliable hub system, and premature tire wear, wheel seal failure, and premature bearing failure.

Accuride Wheel End Solutions offers two solutions:  TRU-SET® from Gunite and ROLLiant™ from KIC.

Gunite High Performance Hubs incorporate Gunite’s exclusive structural configurations and provide all the advantages of our standard ductile iron hubs, plus have the added advantage of the Gunite TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System for industry standard truck and trailer applications.

Gunite’s TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System are factory assembled and preloaded to exact tolerances in a controlled factory environment, the seals and bearings are protected from damage that can be a result of improper installation procedures. This greatly reduces the potential for problems caused by leaking wheel seals.

KIC’s new ROLLiant™ bearing system utilizes patent-pending extended bearing cones to improve on existing long-life precision bearing systems.

ROLLiant™ works with industry standard truck and trailer applications and avoids the need for specialized spindle nuts or extra parts. KIC assembles each ROLLiant™ hub with 100% endplay inspection and serialization for complete traceability and optimal bearing life.

Even when wheel-end maintenance is required, the down time for installation of TRU-SET® or ROLLiant™ is substantially less than the time required to replace a traditional hub assembly. Simply remove the old wheel-end assembly and replace it with a fully-assembled TRU-SET® or ROLLiant™ sub-assembly.

KIC ROLLiant Bearing Spacer System Specification Sheet (PDF)

Approved Lubricants for ROLLiant Hub Systems (PDF)

ROLLiant Wheel Hub Installation Procedure (PDF) (English)

ROLLiant Wheel Hub Installation Procedure (PDF) (Spanish)

ROLLiant Service Manual (PDF)