Lightweight Wheel & Wheel End Solutions

Lightweight Wheel & Wheel End Solutions

Accuride Wheel End Solutions knows and understands that weight savings help increase your return on investment. And as the industry’s only single-source provider of wheel and wheel end solutions, we’re the only company able to offer a complete line of lightweight wheel-end products. See the potential weight savings you can achieve using Accuride’s lightweight wheel and wheel end component solutions.

Accu-Lite® Aluminum Wheels

41644-3_4-OutsideThe Lightest and Brightest in the Industry

With the introduction of Accu-Lite Aluminum Wheels – with their lighter weight and superior finish – Accuride once again set a new standard for lightweight aluminum wheels! We not only shaved weight off our previously lightweight wheels, but we also streamlined our available part numbers to make specifying even easier.

All Accu-Lite Aluminum Wheels are available with Standard Polish (SP), Extra Polish (XP) and Extra Polish with Accu-Shield (XPC).

Four popular Accu-Lite Aluminum Wheels are now available with the premium Accu-Armor Aluminum Wheel Surface Treatment!

Accu-Lite Aluminum Wheels Specification Sheet (PDF)

Accu-Lite® Steel Wheels

As a leader in wheel technology, Accuride Wheel End Solutions has raised the standard of steel wheels by lowering the weight of our two and five hand hole extra service wheels (ESW). Accuride designed Accu-Lite™ Steel Wheels to provide solutions to the medium and heavy truck industry.

As new emission standards are resulting in weight being added to vehicles, Accuride developed Accu-Lite Steel Wheels to counterbalance the added weight. Accu-Lite Steel Wheels are actually 8 pounds lighter than their standard two and five hand hole predecessors. That translates to a potential savings of 144 pounds for tractor/trailer combinations, and it looks exactly the same as Accuride’s current industry standard two and five hand hole design.

Accu-Lite Steel Wheels Specification Sheet (PDF)

Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD) (9006X)

The New GOLD Standard: Lightweight, Longer Life, Less Downtime, Reduced Operating

Patented Gunite GOLD lightweight, full-cast brake drums are the lightest full-cast brake drums in the industry. Comparable in weight to steel shell composite brake drums, Gunite GOLD brake drums save as much as 170 lb. vs. standard full-cast drums on a typical tractor/trailer application, while offering the same superior performance characteristics as Gunite’s standard full-cast drums.

Gunite GOLD brake drums have been proven to outperform steel shell composite brake drums in extreme cycle to failure dynamometer tests, lasting two times longer than the nearest competitor of steel shell composite brake drums at high speed brake applications of 70 mph. Plus, GOLD brake drums feature reduced brake noise compared to lightweight steel shell composite brake drums.

Available in configurations to fit all of the common wheel-end applications, Gunite GOLD brake drums give you superior brake performance and longer service life, which translates into less downtime and reduced operating costs.

Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD) Brochure (PDF)
Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD) Quick Reference (PDF)
GOLD Disc Wheel Hub Application Guide (PDF)

High Performance Hubs with TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System

Gunite High Performance Hubs incorporate Gunite’s exclusive structural configurations and provide all of the advantages of our standard ductile iron hubs, plus have the added advantage of the Gunite TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System.

Gunite High Performance Hubs are assembled in a controlled factory environment to exact tolerances using the TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System. This protects the seals and bearings from damage caused by improper installation procedures and eliminates problems associated with improper bearing adjustment in the field, meaning substantially lower maintenance costs over the life cycle of your equipment.

Even when wheel-end maintenance is required, the down time for installation of Gunite High Performance Hubs is substantially less than the time required to replace a traditional hub assembly. Simply remove the old wheel-end assembly and replace it with a fully-assembled Gunite High Performance Hub.

Cast of durable ductile iron, Gunite High Performance Hubs are less likely to be damaged by mis-piloting during drum installation, a common problem faced by users of aluminum hubs. Gunite High Performance Hubs are also less susceptible to problems caused by corrosion on the mounting surface than aluminum hubs.

High Performance Hubs/TRU-SET Bearing Spacer Set System (PDF)
Gunite Wheel End Components Brochure (PDF)

Wheel-Guard® Separator Plates

Wheel-Guard® is a composite separator plate approximately .040″ thick, designed to be placed between the hub or drum and the wheel, and/or between two wheels in dual applications, to provide protection for wheels against corrosion and excessive wear. The Wheel-Guard is recommended in applications where corrosion and/or wear have been identified or might become a problem in the future. Both aluminum and steel wheels can benefit from use of the Wheel-Guard. Available with a variety of bolt hole and bolt circle configurations.

Automatic Slack Adjusters

Gunite slack adjusters are the industry’s first choice for performance, reliability and safety. Improved braking performance, lower operating costs and reduced down time are just some of the advantages you’ll experience with Gunite® Automatic Slack Adjusters. The slack of choice for performance among industry leaders, you’ll find an assortment of spline and arm length configurations as well as multiple clevis options. Gunite automatic slack adjusters outperform other brands while substantially lowering vehicle and fleet operating cost.

Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters combine easy installation and outstanding performance in a double sealed package for longer brake lining life with consistent, safer brake performance.

Available for front (steer), rear (drive) and trailer axle applications.

Gunite ASA Warranty Extension (PDF)

Gunite Automatic Slack Adjuster Spec Sheet (PDF)

Gunite Automatic Slack Adjuster Catalog (PDF)

DupleX-One Wheels

Accuride’s DupleX-One wheels – available in steel and aluminum – offer a unique method to reduce fuel expense or increase payload capacity by replacing traditional dual wheel sets with one 22.5” x 14.00” wheel on tandem-axle tractors and trailers.

Accuride Steel and Aluminum Duplex Wheels Specification Sheet (PDF)

Dual Wheels

Steel/Aluminum Dual Wheel Combo

Accu-Lite® aluminum outer wheel + Wheel-Guard® Separator Plate + Accu-Lite® steel inner wheel = incredible savings and lighter weight.

Yes, by combining Accuride steel and aluminum dual wheels you can get the classic good looks and lighter weight of aluminum at around 30% less than the cost of all aluminum…and you’re the only one who’ll know.