EverSteel Wheels Warranted Against Corrosion


The First Ever Eight Year Warranty.

Never before has a steel wheel

been warranted against corrosion

EverSteel® changes that. Just when you thought that corrosion caused by road salts and harsh chemicals took the best out of your steel wheels, Accuride once again provides the solution. EverSteel® proves that traditional maintenance costs related to corrosion and steel wheel refinishing is a thing of the past. Look ahead – the future is bright with corrosion-free EverSteel® wheels – only from Accuride.

Problem solved with groundbreaking proprietary technology

EverSteel® employs a proprietary technology treatment to the bare metal that prevents corrosion from occurring and contains corrosion when the coating has been compromised exposing the bare metal. EverSteel® bonds with Accuride’s new epoxy e-coat and Steel Armor™ coating technology creating the ultimate combination to ensure you get the maximum life from your steel wheels.


Available on two standard 22.5 x 8.25 part numbers in white, black and gray.

  • 51408 – 2 hand holes
  • 51487 – 5 hand holes

To order, simply add EV to the standard color suffix.

  • EVPKWHT21 – White
  • EVPKBLK21 – Black
  • EVPKGRY21 – Gray

For more information, download the informative brochure and learn how you can extend the life of your steel wheels.

Accuride EverSteel Steel Wheels Brochure (PDF)

Your Only Single Source

When it comes to keeping your rig looking its best – or fighting back against the elements – you have choices. Whether it’s steel or aluminum wheels you want, we’ve got you covered.

Accuride Wheel End Solutions is the industry’s only manufacturer capable of supplying both steel and aluminum wheels for commercial vehicle fleets from a single source. We’re a wheels partner you can depend on for the success of your company.  Whether you make the extra investment in aluminum wheels or opt for the extended-life value that EverSteel® delivers on our steel wheels, we can help you choose what’s right for you. No other company can.