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Accuride Wheel End Solutions is proud to offer 100% Made in the USA Gunite disc wheel hubs for multiple applications. We’ve taken years of reliable performance and world-class production standards, and improved upon it with the latest manufacturing technology. This combination has resulted in low weight, low maintenance hubs that provide superior strength, performance and durability.

Ductilite® Ultra Lightweight Ductile Iron Hubs

Lower Maintenance |Improved Wheel-End Performance


Gunite Ductilite® ductile iron hubs are the lightest weight, non-ADI hubs available. Our patented casting design and integrated radial flange configuration combine to produce a hub that weighs less than a comparable aluminum hub, but with the superior strength and durability of a ductile iron hub.

Ductilite® ductile iron hubs are available for all popular front axle applications from 10,000 to 14,600 pound ratings. Plus, the Ductilite® is compatible with all existing wheels and drums, so there is no added cost or hassle when making the conversion.

Gunite Ductilite Ultra Lightweight Ductile Iron Hubs Brochure (PDF)

High Performance Hubs with TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System

TruSetHub_5x5_150dpiGunite High Performance Hubs incorporate Gunite’s exclusive structural configurations and provide all of the advantages of our standard ductile iron hubs, plus have the added advantage of the Gunite TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System.

Gunite High Performance Hubs are assembled in a controlled factory environment to exact tolerances using the TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System. This protects the seals and bearings from damage caused by improper installation procedures and eliminates problems associated with improper bearing adjustment in the field, meaning substantially lower maintenance costs over the life cycle of your equipment.

Even when wheel-end maintenance is required, the down time for installation of Gunite High Performance Hubs is substantially less than the time required to replace a traditional hub assembly. Simply remove the old wheel-end assembly and replace it with a fully-assembled Gunite High Performance Hub.

Cast of durable ductile iron, Gunite High Performance Hubs are less likely to be damaged by mis-piloting during drum installation, a common problem faced by users of aluminum hubs. Gunite High Performance Hubs are also less susceptible to problems caused by corrosion on the mounting surface than aluminum hubs.

High Performance Hubs/TRU-SET Bearing Spacer Set System (PDF)

Gunite High Performance Hub Maintenance Manual (PDF)

Gunite Disc Wheel Hub Maintenance Manual (PDF)