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When consistent performance, safety and quality matter, there is one clear choice.  Recent side-by-side durability testing of three drum models show Gunite’s 3600A®X brake drum performed 15% longer than the primary North American competitor and 2X longer than offshore drums. Click here to learn more.

Standard Full-Cast Drums (3600A®/ 3600A®X)

3600ABrakeDrum_3_4_5x5Only from the market leader for OEM first-fit performance and quality can you get Gunite 3600A® standard full-cast brake drums. Gunite standard full-cast brake drums are 16.5” x 7” (most popular size), which is the preferred alternative to off-shore and price-point drums. Available as factory balanced to 20 in-oz for improved ride characteristics, Gunite standard full-cast brake drums feature 1.0” drilled mounting holes for tighter dimensional control.

Valued for their quality and performance, Gunite 3600A® brake drums meet the requirements of all North American truck and trailer OEMs. The very same drum is also available in the aftermarket.

For the best performance and lowest overall life cycle costs, remember that there is only one true “3600A®,” and it only comes from Gunite. Accept no substitute.

Gunite 3600A Brake Drum Specification Sheet (PDF)

New!  Gunite Silver Lightweight Brake Drum

Gunite Silver Brake Drum 4000X (300 dpi)The all-new Gunite Silver Lightweight Brake Drum (4000X) utilizes engineered design enhancements and an advanced metallurgy to affordably achieve the weight savings you need without compromising the performance you expect.

Just 99.5 lbs., the Gunite Silver Lightweight drum is the lightest standard full-cast drum in this market segment and provides a 100 lb. weight savings for a tractor/trailer combination.

At 12.5 lbs. lighter than the industry standard 3600A®X and only 5.5 lbs. heavier than our premium lightweight GOLD® 9006X, Gunite provides another weight reduction option at an affordable price.

That’s technology leadership!

Gunite Silver Lightweight Brake Drum Brochure (PDF)

Gunite Brake Drum Unrivaled American Advantage

Value Plus Brake Drums (3922X)

Gunite engineered and manufactured the Value Plus Brake Drum to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket, at a lower price than OE-original brake drums.

Gunite Value Plus Brake Drums are factory balanced for improved ride characteristics, feature drilled mounting holes for tighter dimensional control, and are rated up to 24,000 lbs GAWR for more application coverage.

100% MADE IN THE USA, Gunite Value Plus Brake Drums are a preferred alternative to off-shore and price-point drums.

Available to mix and match with 3600A® and 3600A®X truckload orders.

Gunite Value Plus Brake Drum Specification Sheet (PDF)

Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD) (9006X)

The New GOLD Standard: Lightweight, Longer Life, Less Downtime, Reduced Operating

Patented Gunite GOLD lightweight, full-cast brake drums are the lightest full-cast brake drums in the industry. Comparable in weight to steel shell composite brake drums, Gunite GOLD brake drums save as much as 170 lb. vs. standard full-cast drums on a typical tractor/trailer application, while offering the same superior performance characteristics as Gunite’s standard full-cast drums.

Gunite GOLD brake drums have been proven to outperform steel shell composite brake drums in extreme cycle to failure dynamometer tests, lasting two times longer than the nearest competitor of steel shell composite brake drums at high speed brake applications of 70 mph. Plus, GOLD brake drums feature reduced brake noise compared to lightweight steel shell composite brake drums.

Available in configurations to fit all of the common wheel-end applications, Gunite GOLD brake drums give you superior brake performance and longer service life, which translates into less downtime and reduced operating costs.

Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD) Brochure PDF
GOLD Quick Reference (PDF)
GOLD Disc Wheel Hub Application Guide (PDF)

Heavy Duty Brake Drums (3576X)

Gunite has been designing and manufacturing brake drums for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry since 1923. To this day, Gunite continues to be the industry standard, with heavy duty brake drums as standard equipment with more OEMs than any other brake drum manufacturer.

Tru-Pilot Brake Drums

Superior Brake Performance, Significantly Lower Life Cycle Costs

Gunite Tru-Pilot Brake Drums feature a unique bi-level piloting system designed to help maintenance personnel properly install and seat the brake drum quickly and accurately during routine wheel-end maintenance procedures.

The exclusive, patented dual step pilot system uses the hub’s wheel pilot to help accurately align the drum onto the hub’s brake drum pilot. This feature can help eliminate damage to the hub pilots, which occurs when the drum is improperly seated during the installation process. Without proper seating, the hub pilot can be damaged on traditional ferrous hubs, resulting in the brake drum not properly seating against the mounting surface of the hub. The problem is even more prevalent with aluminum hubs, where one simple mis-piloting of the drum can actually destroy the hub mounting pilot, requiring the hub to be replaced.

Gunite Wheel End Components Brochure (PDF)