Brake Drums

When consistent performance, safety and quality matter, there is one clear choice.

Gunite- and KIC-brand brake drums are available for any application, OEM-standard, lightweight, bus/transit, heavy-duty, and aftermarket.

Gunite Value Plus Brake Drums

Gunite engineered and manufactured the standard full-cast Value Plus Brake Drum to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket, at a lower price than OE-original brake drums.

KIC 60000 Series Brake Drums

KIC’s proven line of aftermarket full-cast brake drums covers most truck, trailer and transit applications.  The 60000-018 KICast™ optimized cast iron brake drum rounds out the offering with a state-of-the-art optimized design.

Gunite Standard Full-Cast Drums

Valued for their quality and performance, Gunite 3600A® standard full-cast brake drums meet the requirements of all North American truck and trailer OEMs. The very same drum is also available in the aftermarket.

Gunite Silver Lightweight Brake Drums

The Gunite Silver Lightweight drum is the lightest standard full-cast brake drum at 99.5 lbs. in this market segment and provides a 100 lb. weight savings for a tractor/trailer combination.

Gunite GOLD Lightweight Brake Drums

Patented Gunite GOLD lightweight cast brake drums are the lightest in the industry. Comparable in weight to steel shell composite brake drums, Gunite GOLD brake drums save as much as 170 lb. vs. standard full-cast drums on a typical tractor/trailer application, while offering the same superior performance characteristics as Gunite’s standard full-cast drums.

KIC Next Generation Trident Series Lightweight Composite Steel Shell Brake Drum

KIC’s Next Generation Trident® 80002 series brake drum addresses the need for a lightweight, but technically superior, brake drum that will help North America’s trailer fleets cut costs and maximize payloads. The Trident® composite steel shell brake drum saves up to 45 lbs. per axle compared to standard cast iron drums.

KIC Transit Bus Brake Drums

KIC drums are approved for use by many of the largest transit authorities. With years of experience in product design and government procurement, KIC can work with distributors to service most transit authorities on a just-in-time basis.