Accuride Wheel End Solutions capitalizes on the inherent synergy between two brands, Gunite and KIC, to offer the industry’s broadest wheel end product portfolio and better support customer needs.  Formidable yet respectful competitors for decades, Gunite and KIC are widely recognized as best-in-class wheel-end suppliers by their OEM and Aftermarket customers.

While the products and technologies of each brand are similar, combining two different business models creates strength. Gunite manufactures in North America under a “capital-intensive, inventory-light” business model.  KIC’s “asset-light” business model emphasizes contract manufacturing and a distribution network supported by higher inventories.  These highly complementary business models allow for greater capacity and an ability to flex up and down in response to industry cycles and better meet changes in customer preferences and demand.

As one team, the outcome is a more competitive product portfolio and a more flexible service and support offering to OEM and Aftermarket customers currently served by Gunite and KIC.

Parent company Accuride Corporation is a leading supplier of components to the commercial vehicle industry in North America. Our vision is to be the premier supplier of wheel-end system solutions to the global commercial vehicle industry.

Our mission is to create and support a culture and team that provide:

  • High value products and services to our customers
  • A great place to work and grow for all of our associates
  • Superior financial returns for our shareholders

We are committed to being:

  • Ethical and respectful
  • Customer-centric
  • Technology and quality leaders
  • Cost competitive
  • Safe, progressive and inclusive
  • Environmentally-conscious
  • Fiscally-conservative