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The Accuride Wheels product line includes hub- and stud-piloted, tubeless and tube-type forged aluminum and steel wheels, plus rims and other products, for heavy- and medium-duty trucks, commercial trailers, buses, light commercial trucks, and specialty and military vehicles.

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The Gunite product line includes 100% made in the USA brake drums, disc wheel hubs, spoke wheels, and rotors, as well as slack adjusters, for the heavy- and medium-duty trucking, off-highway and bus markets and their related aftermarkets.

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Accuride Wheels and Gunite are both names you trust for steel and forged aluminum wheels and wheel-end products you can count on. With Accuride Wheel End Solutions, you can get all your Gunite brake drums, hubs, rotors, and slack adjusters and Accuride steel wheels and forged aluminum wheels all from one source. Now that’s a solution!